Gringa Turned Nica

Today marks one year of me being in Nicaragua! It’s so crazy to think that a year has already flown by! It feels like yesterday. One of my friends celebrated her two years this week and I liked what she said about her experience here in Nicaragua: “Some days, it’s hard to wrap my mind around the idea that I live in another country as everything feels familiar. Other days, it’s like I just arrived yesterday.” It’s so true. Everything is familiar now. The food, the language, the traffic, the people, just the way things work. Some days I’m so homesick, others I feel at home.

I wanted to take the time to share some of the events and changes that have taken place over the past year. 

I am now a wife and a stepmom. Here’s our beautiful family:


I survived getting hit by a car.

I learned how to wash my own laundry (now we have a washer PTL).


I have visited so many beautiful places in this country:

I take taxis by myself now. This may not seem like much to you but in college I hated even going to the grocery store by myself.

I found a home church that I love and it’s all in Spanish. We recently started a class at the church and the book is completely in Spanish and I understand every single word! My Spanish reading, writing, and listening has improved tremendously over the last year (speaking still needs a bit of work). One of my favorite things to do is listen to Spanish worship music.

I survived a kidney stone incident in which I had to get a shot in my butt in some back alley horror movie scene while throwing up in every place known to man in the city of Managua. (Thanks beautiful husband for loving me still). As if I didn’t stick out enough as a foreigner, I felt the need to stick out even more by looking like death.


This was just the beginning of the day. 1 hour later my eyes had red circles around them and I could barely walk.

I have made such great friends! It’s amazing the difference that community makes. At first it was a challenge but now I know that I have friends I can call on at any time of day to be there for me and Carlos. We are having a dinner tomorrow night with some of them to celebrate this past year.

I now eat street food and drink out of the tap and basically everything that my parents wouldn’t approve of.

I’m totally used to strange things showing up in our house (not that I like it). We’ve had a mouse, a scorpian, crazy huge roaches, scary squiggly things, scary hairy spiders, and the ever present gecko. Our house is clean I promise!

While there have been huge changes in my life and I’ve grown as a person and in my faith, some things are still the same: 

I still eat everything “pelon” (plain).

I still love the dump. I’ve been blessed to be able to go a few times this year and build a relationship with one of the families that works there. I’m still obsessed with their little boy. He was the first boy I fell in love with when I came in June 2015.

I am still learning every day how to love. This process has definitely challenged me in this every single day.

I still miss my family like crazy!


This last year has been one of the hardest but one of the most rewarding. It has been so frustrating in so many ways but so encouraging in others. I see God working in our lives every day. His glory is being shown in our marriage, in our finances, in our family, and in our church. My faith has never been this real and my dreams never this big. If you want to change your life, move to a foreign country! I don’t recommend it for everyone, never would I have ever for myself, and even though I definitely wouldn’t mind moving back to the states, Nicaragua will always be one of my homes. Its culture, food, and people are now my culture, food, and people. This year was one for the books as I moved from a college student to a college graduate, wife, and stepmom all at once.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed over me, supported me, given to me, and blessed me and Carlos. We couldn’t be more thankful. If you’re interested in supporting us this next year, message me, click the “Join Me” tab at the top, or go to this link:

xo, Court



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