Yay for May!

Can you believe that it’s already May?! I can’t! 2017 has flown by, this whole last year has. I couldn’t be more excited for this month for so many reasons.

For starters, Carlos got a job at the beach this weekend, so sand and sun here we come. It will be the first time that we have been to the beach since our wedding and it’s the same beach that we got married at!

Second, my 1 year anniversary of living in Nicaragua is this month and we have a fun dinner planned with close friends! Yay for food 😉 It’s so crazy that it’s already been a year since I graduated from college and moved to Nicaragua! In the last year I have learned so many things: flexibility (okay, still working on this one), how to become decent at cooking, how to wash my own clothes, how to live with less, how to get around by myself in a crazy city, and how to interact with people through the language barriers. Also, I’ve learned how to be a wife and a step mom. These last two things have been the most challenging, but the most rewarding as well.

May means the rainy season in Nicaragua starts and we are all on our toes waiting. It has been excrutiatingly hot here and I am for sure done with it. It rained last week but it must have been a joke because the temps are still high and the streets are still dry.

Lastly, this month marks our 1 year wedding anniversary and we are celebrating by taking an extended weekend and going to Ometepe, an island made of 2 volcanoes on the biggest lake in Nicaragua! I am so pumped. We get to ride a ferry out to the island and we are going to stay at this hotel by the beach and go hiking and see waterfalls and monkeys and it will be so nice to get away!

Things are picking up at the Nehemiah Center, so that is exciting as well! The Communications Coordinator left for Canada for her homestay so I will be filling in for her until the end of September, keeping up with the Facebook page, writing blog posts, and sharing what’s going on at the Nehemiah Center. This is a completely voluntary position, but that doesn’t mean it’s less. I’m really enjoying getting to see God’s glory through the different programs at the Nehemiah Center and I feel blessed getting to share that glory with the world through stories and pictures. Everyone at the Nehemiah Center has been so welcoming and loving.

Since it is a volunteer position, Carlos and I are tight on money and his income only covers 2/3 of our monthly budget. God has been so faithful the last few months and we see His hand in our finances. We are so blessed to be able to do all of these wonderful things this month and it wouldn’t be so if we weren’t being faithful in our finances. Of course, if you would like to support us over the next 5 months we wouldn’t say no 🙂 For more information on how you can support us, ask for my paypal email or donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/courtneys-nica-ministry.


In the book of Malachi there is a story about people robbing God of what is His. It’s hard for us earthly beings to remember that everything we have is God’s. He created it all and none of it we can take with us into eternity. God tells us to tithe 10% of our income to Him. It’s easy to fall into the lie thinking, “well I don’t have that money, my budget is too tight” or “if I do that, I’ll never have any savings” and the list goes on. But God says:

“Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” (Malachi 3:10)

God gives for us to give in return. Carlos and I have started taking this verse seriously in our lives by tithing and God has provided for us every single month even without me having a job. Even though Carlos’s income only covers 2/3 of our budget, we are still able to pay our bills and buy food by the grace of God. Although this isn’t ideal for the long run and although we don’t have some amazing story of a check showing up in the mail with the exact amount of money that we need for the month, we can say that God is there and He is working in our lives. We believe and trust in His promise to bless us abundantly if we are living out His truth.

We challenge you to do the same.

If you would like to pray for us, you can pray for:

  • I’ve been very homesick lately, so comfort in that.
  • We have big dreams for the future y’all, big ones, and we are praying that God would start paving the way for those.
  • Our finances
  • Our marriage
  • The girls
  • Our travels coming up (I have to go AGAIN next month (June) to renew my visa, but this time to Costa Rica).

Stay tuned for the many exciting events happening this month, there will be pictures 🙂

xo, Court


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