March Fundraising Update

Last week God blessed Carlos and me abundantly by providing a car for us!  I received a generous tax return this year and it was just enough for us to buy a car.  This is a huge blessing for us and we are praying it can be a blessing for others as well.  When we first got married we bought a car and it ended up costing us way more in the long run, and ever since then it has been a huge struggle for us.  We have always had to borrow his dad’s car, even when it has been just for groceries.  A few weeks ago a tow truck hit Carlos’s dad’s car, so this couldn’t have come at a better time for us.

Also last week, the girls received a scholarship to learn English every Saturday for the next 3 years!!  The scholarship covers everything except for a $28 monthly fee.  This is SO exciting for me!  We are praying that this is something that God can use in the future for them.

This month I will be making a trip to Migración to extend my visa.  When a tourist enters Nicaragua, they give them a 90 day visa and mine expires March 22.  After the 90 days you have to either go to Migración and try for an extension or you need to leave the country.  Nicaragua has become more strict on their immigration laws recently and are not extending visas for 90 days anymore.  Carlos and I are praying that, with our marriage license, they will extend my visa for 90 days so that we don’t have to leave the country.  This brings me to my fundraising goals for this month:

I am asking that people would commit these areas of our budget to prayer.  I wanted to share these details so that my fundraising can become for feasible for the people who want to support us but don’t know if they can.

  • Visa Renewal – $60: In order to extend my visa for 3 more months and continue here with my family, I’m asking and praying that either 6 people can give $10 or 3 people give $20 in order for this to be taken care of.  This is an extra expense that cannot be covered with Carlos’s paycheck.
  • English School – $28: We are over the moon proud of the girls for getting this scholarship and we want them to be able to continue in this education.  This was an unexpected add to the budget, but we don’t want to take this opportunity away from the girls.  I’m asking that either 3 people can support us in this at $10 each, 2 people at $14 each, or 1 person for the full $28.  Again, this is an extra expense that cannot be covered with Carlos’s paycheck.
  • Since I have been staying at home more often than I used to, some of our montly costs have gone up as a result.  We are paying more for groceries and for the electricity.  While we have been able to save money at our new apartment on transportation costs and laundry fees, they aren’t enough savings to be able to pay for this new increase in the other areas. We are asking that a few people can help us by providing $25 for electricity and $35 for the extra groceries.
  • Transportation – $40:  With our new car, and with my new position across town, transportation is adding up.  Carlos is still planning on taking a bus to work, but it is hard to avoid using the car on the weekends when we have errands to run and the girls to take care of.  I usually carpool with a neighbor to work, but most of the week we have different schedules so it makes it hard for me to come in and be apart of the different activities taking place at the Nehemiah Center.  We are asking that a few people can help us to fundraise $40 this next month to cover the transportation costs.
  • Last but not least, additional costs – $85: Things like medicine, phone saldo (minutes, messages, etc.), insurance, haircuts, outings with the girls, etc.

All of this add up to around $275 for this month.  Any amount that you can help with helps – $5, $10, $15, $20, $50, etc.  I am still so excited about my new position and I am loving it.  This is a 9 month position and I am excited to see how God is going to grow me in the process.  This was a big sacrifice for us to take on, work without pay, but I know God is going to use it for something great in our lives.  With this, we don’t want to hinder the work that God has for our family.  We don’t want to stop taking the girls to rollerskate, we don’t want to not be able to pay for our bills, and we don’t want to not be able to save for the future.  We have been very blessed this far and we know that God will continue to provide for us.

I thank you for everyone who supported us last month financially and through prayers.  We are so grateful.  If you feel God is moving in your heart to help us this month, you can support us here or through paypal (ask for my email).  If you want to sign up for my newsletter, you can sign up here.

I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted and justice for the poor. – Psalm 140:12


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