Only in Nicaragua

Living as a foreigner in a country allows you to pick up on the “unusual” events that happen in that country that don’t normally happen in your home country.  It is safe to say that I encounter these “unusual” events on the reg.

Welcome to my first post of “Only in Nicaragua” where I will share with you the “odd” or “unusual” or just out right “crazy” things that I have experienced while being here.  Here are my top 10 Only in Nicaragua moments so far that I’ve actually experienced, not just the cliches:

1. One time Carlos got out of the car, picked up a detour sign, and moved it so that we could keep driving!  30 minutes later we almost got ran over on the sidewalk.  Nicas are the craziest of crazy drivers.


This obviously isn’t the actual sign Carlos moved, but I didn’t think fast enough at the time to take the picture! 

2. This:


I have no words.

3. Public transportation is not for the weak.  The first time I rode a public bus by myself the bus driver literally shut the door on my foot as I was getting off of the bus AND Carlos has hung off the side of the bus before as it was driving!

4. Continuing with insane public transportation stories, bus drivers don’t always follow the bus route.  One time when Carlos and I were on the bus about to get off, the driver didn’t stop at the stop.  We’re hollering and shouting, “Puerta, puerta!” and he just kept going.  5 minutes later as we were replaying a scene from ‘The Little Engine that Could’ going up the side of a mountain in slow motion, we found out that the bus driver was chasing a truck that ripped the mirror off of the bus.  It’s safe to say we didn’t catch it.  You just gotta go with the flow, ya know?

5. Puppies being given out at 3 weeks old. Silver lining: they’re the cutest things you ever did see:


Our sweet Lexi. Our neighbors gave her to us when she was only 3 weeks old!

6. When I first moved here and was staying at our house by myself during the day, I would get so terrified when I would hear bangs going off in the air.  It happened every single day and I just couldn’t figure it out, I thought they were gun shots.  Turns out, it’s just people shooting off firecrackers.  In broad daylight.  Maybe I’m blind but I sure can’t see firecrackers in the day time.

7. Beautiful everything: people, volcanoes, lakes, trees, and even lightning.  Nicaragua has more types of trees than I ever imagined, it’s one of my favorite parts about living here.


8. Nicaragua has these restuarants called ‘Fritangas.’  They are basically fast food restaurants, but on the side of the street and everything is fried.  They’re so delicious my mouth is watering as I write this.  As Carlos and I were eating lunch one day we see this homeless woman asking some people at another table for food.  The people said no so we pulled out some bread we had in our bag and offered it to her.  Guess what she said.  “No, I want meat.”  What in the world. We’ll get the next one.

9. Ice cream whenever and wherever.  Literally.  You can hear their bell everywhere!  Best thing by far.

image1 (2)

10. Almost every Sunday Carlos and I take the same street on the way home.  It is a pretty busy street.  And every Sunday that we drive by we see a group of boys playing baseball.  In the street.  It’s so crazy.  They have to stop every 30 seconds to let cars go by, but that doesn’t stop them.  I love the dedication they have!

This country is crazy, but there aren’t a lot of things I can complain about.  Other than the heat.  It’s torturous.  Living here has made me stronger, more flexible, and more aware of what I spend my money on, throw out, and what I have.  I just need to work on my brain to hand connection to take pictures of these crazy things that happen!  Stay tuned for the next ‘Only in Nicaragua’ post.

xo, Court

P.S.  Life update.  A lot of hoped for opportunities for our finances have been closed lately and Carlos and I are trying to figure out the next step.  Please pray for open doors, provided finances, and thankful hearts.  If you would like to see what I am up to and join me in prayer and finances, click the ‘Join Me’ tab at the top.

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